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Oak Woodland Lot Added to North End of Park!

In late 2015, Friends of Rasor Park scrambled to get the City of Eugene to acquire a parcel of land adjacent to the north end of the park. This lot contains many mature Oregon white oak trees which contribute greatly to the majestic look and feel of the north entry to the park, and also to the integrity and habitat value of the small oak woodland.

Thanks to the partnership of the Eugene Parks Foundation, and to many generous donors in the neighborhood and from across town, our efforts were successful! The deal was closed in early December, and the parcel and its graceful oaks are now protected as part of the park.

It was extremely heart-warming to see the outpouring of generosity from our neighborhood and community. Special thanks to all who donated (or wrote to the City, or asked friends to support this acquisition). Every letter and phone call and check made a difference.

Thank you, donors!

Jon Belcher

Erik Burke

Teresa Damron & Nathanial Sperry

Carola Dunn

Eugene Parks Foundation

Bruce Eveland

Art Farley

Pamela Fitzpatrick

Julie Hulme & Rob Handy

Peter James & Becky Riley

Jeff Kern & Janet Morrison

Nena Lovinger & Robert Emmons

Jeanine Malito

Marilyn Mohr & Hans Wittig

Gerald Morsello

Steven Mueller & Karen Irmscher

Jo Niedeck

Deborah Noble/Be Noble Foundation

Lynn Pedersen

Philip Richardson

Jolene Siemsen & Lori Howard

Dan Smellow & Lynn Buckman

Jan Spencer

Miaya Sustaita & Loren Schein

Phyllis & Mitch Temple

Mindy Wekselblatt & Andrew Van Atta

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