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There are a number of special wildflower patches scattered around the park—camas, mule's ears, showy milkweed (for Monarch butterflies), yarrow, Cusick's checkermallow, Farewell-to-Spring, and more. 


We are working to rejuvenate older patches, while also planting and seeding new ones. We have started at least a dozen new Prairie Patches in the past year. Our aim is to gradually expand and merge these patches to enliven the meadows and improve habitat in all areas of the park.

Prairie Patches

Adopt a Prairie Patch!

We have a small cadre of wonderful volunteers who have "adopted" individual patches and give them a little regular TLC. Special thanks to: Jolene Siemsen, Lori Howard, Nancy Boyd, Stephen Michael Amy, James Hershiser, Maradee and Barry Girt, Julie Hulme and Becky Riley.

We still have many "orphan" Prairie Patches needing adoption. If you can join our circle and give a little extra care and attention to one of these patches, we'd love to hear from you! Many eyes and hands can help us keep up on the weeding year-round, and nudge along the prairie restoration a little faster. It's a good way to learn about some of our Willamette Valley native plants, too.


I'd like to adopt a Prairie Patch!

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