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Native Herbaceous Plants in Our Gardens: A Guide for the Willamette Valley

(40-page booklet) Excerpts from Native Herbaceous Plants In Our Gardens: "Growing native herbaceous plants in our gardens may preserve or re-introduce many of the diverse plants that weave natural tapestries across the Willamette Valley. Herbaceous plants are annuals and perennials that lack woody stems; they include bulbs, grasses, sedges, rushes, evergreen and deciduous ferns, and broad-leaved flowering plants. Historically, these native plants thrived in the Willamette Valley landscape – an open savannah with interspersed fir and oak woodlands and wetlands."

"In this guide, you will find short descriptions of selected herbaceous plants of the Willamette Valley and tips for growing them."

"This guide is divided into three sections based on broad habitat types: Shady Woodlands, Open Sunny Slopes, and Soggy Bottom Lands. Some plants may be appropriate for more than one habitat but have been placed in the most typical section with notes. Planting in the most natural habitat will reduce the amount of care needed to establish native plants. Remember that native plants are adapted to their unique natural habitats."

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