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Join Us!

Monthly Second Saturday Work Parties (usually)

February 10, 2024 (SAT.)

Noon — 3 PM

Help Us Nudge Along the Prairie Restoration

We will work on weeding camas, milkweed and other prairie patches, and possibly digging blackberry or vinca.

It helps if you can bring your own water bottle and gloves. Long sleeves and pants protect from thorns and stickers. Knee pads are a good idea if you have them, and a favorite hand weeding tool (hori knife or dandelion weeding fork are good choices.)


Come enjoy the sunny afternoon along the Greenway, and help us keep an eye out for bluebirds.

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Restore Nature, Restore Yourself


Fun Facts &

Cool Science


Poison Oak:

A Plant Worth Getting to Know!


Friends of Rasor Park

Restoring a 10-acre oak savanna-prairie in a Eugene city park along the Willamette Greenway. Bringing back a sanctuary and natural area in the city for native plants, animals, birds, bees, and people.

Birds of Rasor Park

Check out our eBird Hotspot!


Bugs! Take a Closer Look:

Butterflies, Bees & More!


Prairie Restoration:

Bringing Back Diversity & Life!

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